Pricing for Inya Cosmetic Skin Clinic

The pricing for our services is in the categories below for your convenience. We offer complimentary consultations where we will advise on the appropriate treatment, pricing and service you require, to deliver the best outcome for your needs.

Bespoke Facial, consultation and treatment plan160
Microdermabrasion ( double cleanse, micro and hydration)99
Skin Needling (LED, Needling, Hyarulonic infusion with EFG, Alginate mask, Dermaheal)350
Micro, Laser Skin Toning & LED package249
Hydration Package: Microdermabrasion, LED & EGF Infusion199
Anti-Ageing Package: Microdermabrasion, EGF Infusion & Skin Needling399
Rejuvenation Package: IPL Skin Rejuv, Skin Needling & LED499
The Pink Treatment299
IPL Photo Rejuvenation Face185
IPL Photo Rejuvenation Face & Neck220
IPL Photo Rejuvenation Face Neck Decolletage260
IPL Photo Rejuvenation Decolletage170
IPL Photo Rejuvenation Hands120
IPL Photo Rejuvenation Spot Treatments80
Cosmetic Tattoo Consultationcomplimentary
Eyebrow Tattoo (another appointment is included (8-16 weeks later)850
Additional touch up (8 – 16 weeks after perfection appointment)150
Up to 6 mths after last appointment250
Up to 12 mths after last appointment350
Up to 18 mths after last appointment450
Up to 2 years after last appointment550
Beyond 2 years – Full price
Beauty Spot150
Additional beauty spots (in the same appointment )25
Plasma Consultation MUST HAVE PRIOR TO ANY PLASMA APPOINTMENTcomplimentary
Upper Eyelid Lift495
Lower Eyelid495
Crows Feet350
Eye Package Upper, Lower & Crows Feet900
Nose Sculpting450
Top Lip450
Bottom Lip and Chin650
Pom-Zyme 10% Lactic Acid Peel89
Pom-Zyme 25% Lactic Acid Peel109
Pom-Zyme 40% Lactic Acid Peel139
Retinfuse Level 1 Peel150
Retinfuse Level 2 Peel with Skinophorensis170
Retinfuse Level 3 Peel with Mesotherapy Needling199
Laser Pigmentation ConsultationComplimentary
Laser Pigmentation Decolletage150
Laser Pigmentation Neck150
Laser Spot Pigmentation up to five75
Laser Skin Toning Face was 280160
Laser Skin Toning Face and Neck was 330200
Laser Skin Toning Face Neck & Decolletage was 399250
Tattoo Removal ConsultationComplimentary
Laser Eyebrows Tattoo Removalfrom 69
Tattoo Removalvaries
LED Light Therapy Session79
LED Light Therapy Session Add On Treatment49
LED Package 6 sessions395
Consultation Complimentary
Skin Booster – includes hydrating mask & LED post-treatment580
Profhilo Bioremodeller hybrid fillerfrom 1600
Dermal Filler from 480
Anti-wrinkle injectionsfrom 11
PDO Mint Threads for 50 threads from 590
Lip Fillerfrom 480
Dermal filler 4ml beautification package1800
Dermal filler 6ml recontouring package2500
Dermal filler 8ml structural rejuvenation3000
Collagen stimulating fillerfrom 650
Morpheus8 – Face900
Morpheus8 – Face package of three sessions2400
Morpheus8 – Body1000
Morpheus8 – Body package of three sessions2600
Facetite – facial contouring procedure4800

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