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Canberra’s Skin Needling Specialists

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of skin needling at Inya Cosmetic Skin Clinic. We use the Dermapen MDerma Fractional Dermal needling system, the latest generation of skin needling devices for optimal results. With minimal downtime, we can treat acne scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation, and fine lines while boosting your skin’s natural collagen production.

What is Skin Needling?

Skin Needling, also known as ‘Collagen Induction Therapy,’ is a minimally invasive rejuvenation treatment that boosts collagen and elastin, improving skin tone and texture while reducing scars and stretch marks.

Skin Needling causes controlled micro-injuries to the skin’s surface using very fine sterile needles. The body’s natural wound-healing processes are activated, leading to the production of collagen and elastin. As the skin heals, it becomes firmer, smoother, and more even in tone and texture. This process can improve the appearance of scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and other skin concerns, ultimately promoting a rejuvenated and refreshed complexion.

Skin Needling also tackles pigmentation, sun damage, uneven texture, and enlarged pores.

What are the benefits?

Skin needling, or microneedling, offers a range of benefits for the skin. It can improve overall skin texture and tone, helping to smooth out rough areas and even out pigmentation. Additionally, it’s effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production. Microneedling can also diminish the visibility of scars, including acne scars, and stretch marks by encouraging skin regeneration. Another advantage is its ability to enhance the absorption of skincare products, making them more effective. Moreover, it contributes to improved skin firmness and elasticity, reducing sagging and promoting a more youthful appearance. Overall, microneedling is a versatile treatment that addresses multiple skin concerns, resulting in healthier, rejuvenated skin.

How often should you have skin needling?

Clients will see an improvement after each treatment however please use the following as a guide:

Skin Rejuvenation 3-6 treatments (4-6 weeks apart)

Acne scarring 6-12 treatments (4-6 weeks apart)

Stretch marks 6-12 treatments (4-6 weeks apart)

How Long Will Result Last

Like all rejuvenation treatments, you do need maintenance treatments to maintain the integrity of your skin. Your new collagen will continue to improve over 6-12 months and results may last up to a couple years. It is recommended that you do a top-up/maintenance treatment 2 – 4 times a year to maintain your results and further stimulate collagen development.

Pre and Post Care Information

Pre-treatment: Avoid sun exposure in the weeks leading up to your treatment, discontinue using active serums at least 4 days before.

Numbing: If you would like to use numbing cream, please purchase “Numit” from your local pharmacy. You can arrive 45 minutes before your appointment and we can assist you to apply the numbing cream before your appointment.

Post-treatment: A feeling of tightness is experienced and a “sunburnt” look is usually apparent immediately after treatment, a mild swelling may also occur subsiding over the next 24 hours. Slight redness may last from 1 to 3 days but can be covered with mineral make-up. We advise you to stay out of the sun and that you use our Dry Healing Balm for the first 24 hours, beyond that only gentle products for the days following your treatment, ensure to apply sunscreen after 24 hours regularly. Hot baths, showers and saunas should be avoided for at least 3-5 days.

How Much Does Skin Needling Cost

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