The Pink Treatment

What is The Pink Treatment?

The Pink Treatment is a Professional Skin Beauty Booster that promotes skin regeneration and overall skin health at a superficial depth. The Solution, which contains 56 skin-loving active ingredients, is stamped into the skin via 19 tiny needles. The Pink Treatment is then followed by an ultra-soothing and calming mask, which infuses rich hydrating properties into the skin for the ultimate skin glow!

What results can I expect?

The Pink Treatment offers both short-term results that can last up to 2 weeks and long-term skin revitalization results with continuous treatments.

Immediate results can be seen 2 days post-treatment, so it’s perfect to prepare the skin for an upcoming event!

Is there any downtime?

After receiving The Treatment, the skin will be pink due to the natural inflammatory response. This subsides within 24 – 48 hours.

Results after 1 treatment

  • instant improvement in skin radiance;
  • tone and texture improvement;
  • hydrates, plumps, and brightens.

*results may vary depending on the individual, and how many treatments received over what time period.

Results after continuous treatments

  • skin tightening;
  • dispersion of superficial pigmentation;
  • maintains skin youthfulness
  • reduces the appearance of pores.

Who is The Pink Treatment most suitable for?

The Pink Treatment is suitable for most skin types and is most suitable for those who are concerned about aging-related skin problems such as fine lines and wrinkles. Dull and tired-looking skin tone. Those who want brighter and healthier skin tones. Skin elasticity. Enlarged pores.: The Pink Treatment is the perfect Beauty Booster to receive approx. 2-3 days before an event. This will give time for the skin to revitalize and this is when the best glowing results can be seen!

Who is The Pink Treatment not suitable for?

The Pink Treatment is not suitable for prominent active acne. Individuals who are on Roaccutane. Individuals that are prone to keloid scarring. If you have had any recent filler or Botox (2 weeks). If you are on Anti-Coagulants (Blood Thinners)

What does the treatment cost?

50 mins | 349
Package Options:
Pre-pay page of 4 | 1047
Pre-pay package of 6 | 1745