glass skin facial

Glass Skin Facial

What is a Glass Skin Facial?

This facial represents an almost instantaneous attainment of glass skin, requiring no reliance on magical serums or elaborate multistep routines. This injectable variant employs the familiar neurotoxic protein, Botulinum toxin, akin to the conventional Skin-tox procedures. Dermatologists, however, adapt their technique to specifically target distinct skin areas. Unlike traditional injectables that focus on minimizing deep creases by weakening muscles in areas like the forehead, laugh lines, or crow’s-feet, this uniquely directs its needlework toward pores, producing a comprehensive smoothing effect across the entire skin surface.

What are the benefits?

It delivers immediate results, with a primary focus on refining pores. This injectable treatment promptly tightens pores, reducing their visibility and concurrently enhancing the overall brightness of the skin. The targeted action on pores provides an instant improvement, contributing to a smoother and more radiant complexion shortly after the procedure.

How long does it last?

Due to its remarkable immediate effects, the outcomes are noticeable and can last for a duration of three to six months, aligning with the longevity observed in standard injectables. The consistent timeframe ensures that individuals, whether in the public eye or not, can enjoy the benefits of this for an extended period, maintaining a refreshed and refined appearance.

What does the procedure look like?

Experience the potency of our glass facial treatment, utilizing 20 titanium needles plated with 24k gold to induce controlled microtrauma without discomfort. Witness a remarkable reduction in pore size and attain a radiant complexion that mirrors the clarity of glass. Until recently, achieving such results necessitated multiple serums and a complex 10-step routine, but our innovative treatment streamlines the process for a more efficient and effective skincare experience.

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